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Witness Cats were originally powered by two 13 hp Nanni diesel engines. The saildrives, marketed under the Nanni name (the product literature calls it Nanni 2.6 SD. for 12 to 90 hp) had gear boxes manufactured by Hurth. Hurth, however, has been bought and sold since these boxes were manufactured and no records of these transmissions have survived. Many of today's boats are still running with the same power plant and Nanni saildrives.

Nanni ceased to market these engines and saildrives in the early '90's. Acquiring parts and zincs are a problem. Nani will happily sell you a zinc for $200. + freight - A bit pricy if you ask me.

Other prices for the remaining available parts are comparable. Shaft seal for the sail drive, a $10 item cost $100 from Nanni's U.S. distributor. 

I have had zincs machined to fit these SD1 Saildrives. Contact the Webmaster for availability and price. "O" ring sets and seals are also available.

Used Nanni Saildrive, Nanni Saildrive Parts and  Transmission parts available HERE .

One owner has solved the engine parts problem by installing engines manufactured under the Beta Marine label. http://www.betamarinenc.com/ The Beta is a marinized version of the ubiquitous Kubota diesel.

Folding propellers by Gori Propeller were standard equipment. They are still supported by Gori.

I have not yet found a mechanic who has any knowledge of the Nanni 2.6 SD saildrive or the transmission.

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